Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Continuing the 'found print with crappy background so i'll fix it in photoshop' theme, I have another desert scene where an old volkswagen is being repaired. There's a bunch of exhausted soldiers huddling around a cooking fire in front of an armored car.

Here's a zoomed in version - as you can see prints are somewhat limiting.

I managed to get a lot of different shots of the Volkswagen. This was the first time I had learned the beetle design came to being in 1933.

Here we can see how practical, yet laden down this Bug is.

Strangers in a strange land, survival is the only option.

A hot baking sun does not make getting the trick to volkswagen repair any easier.

Those bugs got banged up pretty good in the desert.

As history has since proven, the only thing ahead is defeat.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Going through the boxes of crap in my attic, I have stumbled upon a large valise with photos in it. Fortunately some long-lost photos of earlier diorama work are in there. As I discover more, I'll be sure to post them right here..

This one I'll call "Middle East Meetup"

The Germans enlisted many locals and had them wear the uniform of the Afrika Korps. Here 2 locals share a couple minutes and a drink catching up on more domestic issues.

These 2 were depicting a gear-laden staff car in the Middle East.

This is only a fraction of an entire mini airiels complete with crew and plane. Not many photos exist sadly because at the time, I was most proud of this particular piece.

"Wary Pilots"
I used a bit of photoshop for the ackground. I captured some great foreground detail, but neglected to frame the overall shot. (something I learned once I went digital)

This is an overhead view of the previously mentioned scene as well as a very early attempt at photographing the work. It at least gives you an overall sense of how much is in the scene with the Stuka, as well as a sense of the early thawing spring on an airfield in France in 1943. This, along with the other found prints were shot on my roof deck on 61 Lexington Ave in New York city circe 1999/2000.