Wednesday, April 22, 2009


S.A.S. soldiers are arriving at a recently knocked out cannon emplacement. They are confirming there are no remaining troops or other danger.

Here is a similar angle but shot against a rock emplacement.

S.A.S. jeeps were notoriously loaded down for desert warfare. Water and fuels needed to always be carried along as well as ammo and other essential gear. We also see the extent of the damage to the now unusable cannon emplacement.

Here we see our other guy signaling down to to other troops the emplacement is indeed knocked out.

It's hot and dry, these guys just wanna get back in the shade.

The leftover ammo adds a suspicious air to the scene. Fortunately, this jeep is armed to the teeth.

Here is another sunny angle peering over the destroyed cannon.

Pressing deeper into Germany - Rathaus Stop.

Here we see an allied jeep pulled up next to a knocked out "Rathaus". Allied tanks roll through the streets in the background pressing deeper into Germany. We see that there was a lot of activity in the area before the allies invaded. Our jeep driver has obviously stopped and found a collection of souvenirs from his tour of duty.

Here the guys are trading their various souvenirs, goofing off wearing enemy helmets and breathing a bit of a sigh of relief.

The ass end of an M3 Howitzer rolling through town. Ideal armor for urban assault.

Not much room for more souvenirs.

This is a good clean shot of a soldier looking through a perfectly centered bullet hole in the middle of a German helmet.

Lower angle POV of the jeep parked on the sidewalk.

The M3 rumbles over the cobblestones.

The jeep filled with swag and the bartering process.

Looking through the doorway of a still-smoldering Rathaus.


A command car has recently come upon a recently evacuated rural train station.

Well equipped for combat reconnaissance missions, this team was dispatched to confirm no enemy troops were still entrenched.

A walkaround the scene shows a massive Elefant tank still atop the flatbed transport.

looking down the barrel of the massive Elefant, it appears the crew just recently left.

An enemy air identification flag makes for a great souvenir.

His buddy reminds him of the ever present danger of booby traps.

Shouting over a hastily evacuated station shows troops were in disarray.

It's time to go back and report what we found here.